Some key functions in taxize, what they do, and their data sources.

Function name What it does Source
children Get direct children COL, NCBI, ITIS
classification Upstream classification COL, NCBI, ITIS, Tropicos, EOL, GBIF, NBN
comm2sci Get scientific from common names EOL, NCBI, ITIS, Tropicos
downstream Downstream taxa to specified rank COL, ITIS, GBIF
get_ids Get taxonomic identifiers COL, NCBI, ITIS, Tropicos, EOL, GBIF, NBN
resolve Resolve names using many resolvers GNR, TNRS, iPlant
gnr_resolve Resolve names using Global Names Resolver GNR
tnrs Phylotastic Taxonomic Name Resolution Service NCBI, iPlant, MSW3
tol_resolve Resolve names using any resolver TOL
iplant_resolve iPlant name resolution iPlant
sci2comm Get common from scientific names EOL, NCBI, ITIS
synonyms Retrieve synonyms given input names/identifiers COL, NCBI, ITIS, Tropicos
upstream Retrieve upstream taxa given names/identifiers COL, ITIS
lowest_common Retrieve the lowest common taxon and rank for a given taxon name or ID COL, ITIS, GBIF, TOL, NCBI
genbank2uid Get NCBI taxonomy UID from GenBankID NCBI
tax_name Get taxonomic names for a given rank NCBI, ITIS
tax_rank Get rank for a given taxonomic name BOLD, COL, EOL, GBIF, NATSERV, NBN, TOL, TROPICOS, ITIS, NCBI, WORMS
tpl_get Get The Plant List csv files TPL