The Moving Epidemic Method Shiny Web Application


memapp is a web application created to serve as a graphical user interface for the R mem package. It was created using Shiny, a web application framework for R.


The stable package can be installed from the official R repositories (CRAN) using the built-in install function (or from the package manager in some GUIs for R):

# install the memapp CRAN version

To install the development version of memapp use the devtools package.

# install the devtools package
# install the memapp development version from GitHub

When installing this version also you are intalling development versions of some sensitive packages that are used by memapp (including the mem package).


To run the memapp application, just use the function:

# run the app:

You can specify other parameters passed to shiny::runApp, such as display = normal, or
launch.browser = TRUE.


In order to use the Surveillance/Animation graph, magick package must be installed:


Or alternatively, for low specs machines, the animation package:


Along with one of the following programs: GraphicsMagick or ImageMagick:

The installers can be downloaded from their webpages or can be installed directly from R:

# check if installr is installed, and install it otherwise
if(!require("installr")) install.packages('installr')
# install GraphicsMagic
# install ImageMagick


Starting with version 2.6, memapp enabled an option to localize the app. If your language is not listed in the Languages section and you want to see the app translated please, open the semicolon separated values file at github:

With a text editor, translate the second column to your language and send it to the maintainer.


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