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CRAN status

umx is a structural equation modeling package designed to make SEM easier to build, modify, and report.

It includes high-level functions for complex models such as multi-group twin models, as well as for graphical model output.

Grab it from CRAN with


The best way to learn what is on offer is to use the help (‘?umx’ works) and the online tutorial:

umx stands for “user” OpenMx functions. It provides over 100 functions from high-level umxRAM and umxPath functions that make Structural Equation Modeling in R straightforward, to low-level functions to automate activities such as labelling, setting start values etc.,

Some highlights include:

  1. Building Path Models
  2. Reporting output
  3. Modify models
  4. Twin modeling!
  5. Easy-to-remember options
  6. Many more miscellaneous helpers e.g.

Feel free to use, and submit code and requests via Github. Tell your friends! Publish more good science :-)

For thrill-seekers and collaborators only: the bleeding-edge development version is here: