Updating ACSN maps

Paul Deveau


Updating ACSN maps walkthrough


“I would like to change the default maps that are computed in ACSNMineR” or “ACSN maps have a new version, and I would like to update it before the package release.”

A bit of storage:

ACSN maps are stored as a list of dataframes generated by:


They were exported using the R function “save” in the package folder “data/ACSN_maps.rda”. Changing this package and re-installing the modified ACSNMineR will thus change the maps on which enrichment is computed.


1. Generate your list of maps

BEWARE Once your map will be updated, the names that can be used as map argument in the enrichment function will be changed too! In R the name of your map list should be ACSN_maps

2. Export it

If your working directory in the package main directory:

  save(list = "ACSN_maps",file = "data/ACSN_maps.rda")

Note that the name of the variable should be provided to save not the variable itself.

If you don’t know where your working directory is, you can get the information with getwd() and change it with


3. Compile and install modified ACSNMineR

Now you only have to load devtools and install the package:


4. Load the new ACSNMineR and start you analysis