breakaway: Species Richness Estimation and Modeling

Species richness estimation is an important problem in biodiversity analysis. This package provides methods for total species richness estimation (observed plus unobserved) and a method for modelling total diversity with covariates. breakaway() estimates total (observed plus unobserved) species richness. Microbial diversity datasets are characterized by a large number of rare species and a small number of highly abundant species. The class of models implemented by breakaway() is flexible enough to model both these features. breakaway_nof1() implements a similar procedure however does not require a singleton count. betta() provides a method for modelling total diversity with covariates in a way that accounts for its estimated nature and thus accounts for unobserved taxa, and betta_random() permits random effects modelling.

Version: 3.0
Published: 2016-03-30
Author: Amy Willis and John Bunge
Maintainer: Amy Willis <adw96 at>
License: GPL-2
NeedsCompilation: no
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