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Basic tools to analyze forest fire history data (e.g. FHX) in R. This is designed for power users and projects with special needs.

The project is under heavy development. Hic sunt dracones.

A quick example




This gives you a basic plot. There are more advanced options. For example, we can color our plot by sample species.


plot(lgr2, color_group = lgr2_meta$SpeciesID, color_id = lgr2_meta$TreeID,
     plot_legend = TRUE)

Cool, eh?

See help(plot_demograph) for more plot options. You can read and write your own FHX files with read_fhx() and write_fhx().


You can install a relatively stable version of this package from CRAN by opening an R session and running:


You can also install the development version of the package from Github. First, be sure you have the devtools package installed in R. Install burnr with:



Documentation is included in the code. If you’re new to burnr, we have an introduction. And more information can be found on the project’s wiki. Note, this is still under construction.

We also have a Google Group for questions, announcements, and discussion.


Want to contribute? Great! We’re following Hadley’s packaging workflow and code style. Fork away.

Please file bugs in the bug tracker.