Find the color pallette of particular parts of the world

This package does a few simple things: 1. downloads an image from google earth, which in turn comes from a variety of sources, sometimes they are aerial photos. 2. translates the colors in the image into a perceptually uniform color space 3. runs a clustering method on the pixels in that color space 4. returns a color palette.

There is only one function get_earthtones. Here is how you use it, in this case for the grand canyon:

get_earthtones(latitude = 36.094994, longitude=-111.837962, 
               zoom=12, number_of_colors=8)

number_of_colors corresponds to how many colors you want back. The zoom value is passed to ggmap::get_map–essentially larger values zoom closer to the target lat+long.

Maybe desert colors aren’t your thing: you want a color scheme drawn from tropical reefs and lagoons. How about the Bahamas?

get_earthtones(latitude = 24.2, longitude=-77.88, zoom=11, number_of_colors=5)