The goal of hdme is to provide penalized regression methods for High-Dimensional Measurement Error problems (errors-in-variables).


Install hdme from CRAN using.


You can install the latest development version from github with:

# install.packages("devtools")

Note when installing on macOS

The package Rglpk is suggested when installing hdme. In order to install Rglpk on macOS, you may need to first install GLPK by issuing the following statement on the command line:

brew install glpk

Then install Rglpk:


If you are not able to install Rglpk, then please install the suggested package lpSolveAPI instead, using the command


The functions in hdme that use Rglpk, will switch to lpSolveAPI automatically if the former is not available. When either Rglpk or lpSolveAPI is installed, then install the development version of hdme using



hdme provides implementations of the following algorithms:

The methods implemented in the package include


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