May 02, 2018: * Fix a broken unit test for R 3.5.0, changing the use of identical for a combination of expect_true and setequal

March 23, 2018: * Fix a broken test (due to use of all.equal instead of identical) in R-devel, based on report by CRAN * Add hex sticker for package based on art work by GL

September 20, 2016: * Addition of several functions, re-written DESCRIPTION file. Update of package version to v. 0.4.0. This version update to be released on CRAN.

July 05, 2016: * Major changes, including addition of unit tests and Travis-CI coverage, added to the package for v. 0.3.5. This version update not to be released on CRAN.

March 25, 2016: * The first public release of this package (v. 0.3.0) is made available on CRAN.