Conservation Planning Data Sets

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The prioritizrdata R package is a supplemental package that contains example datasets for conservation planning. It is intended to be used alongside the prioritizr R package—a package for building and solving systematic conservation prioritization problems using integer linear programming (ILP) techniques—and provides little functionality itself.


This package contains the following conservation planning data sets.


The latest official version of the prioritizrdata R package can be installed using the following R code.

install.packages("prioritizrdata", repos = "")

Alternatively, the latest development version can be installed using the following code. Please note that while developmental versions may contain additional features not present in the official version, they may also contain coding errors.

if (!require(devtools))


Please using the following citation to cite the ’prioritizrdata R package in publications:

Hanson JO, Schuster R, Morrell N, Strimas-Mackey M, Watts ME, Arcese P, Bennett J, Possingham HP (2018). prioritizrdata: Conservation Planning Data Sets. R package version