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theseus provides functions to assist in the analysis, visualization, and interpretation of community composition data, especially those originating from amplicon sequencing.

Relevant Software and Literature

Callahan, Sankaran, Fukuyama, McMurdie, and Holmes (2017) Bioconductor Workflow for Microbiome Data Analysis: from raw reads to community analyses McMurdie and Holmes (2013) phyloseq: An R package for reproducible interactive analysis and graphics of microbiome census data Oksanen,Blanchet, Friendly, Kindt, Legendre, McGlinn, Minchin, O’Hara, Simpson, Solymos, Stevens, Szoecs, and Wagner (2017) vegan: Community Ecology Package


# To install the release version of theseus:

# To install the developmental version via Github:
# install.packages('devtools')


For future feature requests or suggestions, request an issue: