CRAN Package Check Results for Package afex

Last updated on 2018-07-17 01:46:47 CEST.

Flavor Version Tinstall Tcheck Ttotal Status Flags
r-devel-linux-x86_64-debian-clang 0.21-2 8.86 249.80 258.66 WARN
r-devel-linux-x86_64-debian-gcc 0.21-2 7.26 212.65 219.91 WARN
r-devel-linux-x86_64-fedora-clang 0.21-2 361.15 OK
r-devel-linux-x86_64-fedora-gcc 0.21-2 344.49 OK
r-devel-windows-ix86+x86_64 0.21-2 32.00 386.00 418.00 OK
r-patched-linux-x86_64 0.21-2 9.33 250.34 259.67 WARN
r-patched-solaris-x86 0.21-2 723.60 OK
r-release-linux-x86_64 0.21-2 8.06 250.69 258.75 WARN
r-release-windows-ix86+x86_64 0.21-2 27.00 362.00 389.00 OK
r-release-osx-x86_64 0.21-2 OK
r-oldrel-windows-ix86+x86_64 0.21-2 14.00 282.00 296.00 OK
r-oldrel-osx-x86_64 0.21-2 OK

Check Details

Version: 0.21-2
Check: re-building of vignette outputs
Result: WARN
    Error in re-building vignettes:
    Loading required package: afex
    Loading required package: lme4
    Loading required package: Matrix
    Loading required package: emmeans
    Welcome to afex. For support visit:
    - Functions for ANOVAs: aov_car(), aov_ez(), and aov_4()
    - Methods for calculating p-values with mixed(): 'KR', 'S', 'LRT', and 'PB'
    - 'afex_aov' and 'mixed' objects can be passed to emmeans() for follow-up tests
    - Get and set global package options with: afex_options()
    - Set orthogonal sum-to-zero contrasts globally: set_sum_contrasts()
    - For example analyses see: browseVignettes("afex")
    Attaching package: 'afex'
    The following object is masked from 'package:lme4':
    Loading required package: multcomp
    Loading required package: mvtnorm
    Loading required package: survival
    Loading required package:
    Loading required package: MASS
    Attaching package: ''
    The following object is masked from 'package:MASS':
    Attaching package: 'multcomp'
    The following object is masked from 'package:emmeans':
    Error in UseMethod("vcov") :
     no applicable method for ‘vcov’ applied to an object of class "c('emmwrap', 'list')"
    Quitting from lines 109-110 (afex_anova_example.Rmd)
    Error: processing vignette ‘afex_anova_example.Rmd’ failed with diagnostics:
    no 'vcov' method for 'model' found!
    Execution halted
Flavors: r-devel-linux-x86_64-debian-clang, r-devel-linux-x86_64-debian-gcc, r-patched-linux-x86_64, r-release-linux-x86_64