reprex 0.2.0

reprex has a website: It includes a contributed article from @njtierney (#103).

reprex has moved to the tidyverse Organization. It is installed as part of the tidyverse meta-package and is suggested to those seeking help.

reprex() gains several arguments and many arguments can now be controlled via an option, in case a user wants their own defaults.

The new reprex_selection() add-in reprexes the current selection, with venue controlled by the option reprex.venue. It can be handy to bind to a keyboard shortcut (#84 @hadley).

If reprex can’t write to the user’s clipboard (e.g. on RStudio server or Unix-like systems lacking xclip or xsel), it offers to open the output file for manual copy.

Option-controlled arguments for custom defaults

These look like reprex(..., arg = opt(DEFAULT), ...) in the help file. This is shorthand for arg = getOption("reprex.arg", DEFAULT), i.e. the option reprex.arg is consulted and, if unset, the documented default is used. Allows user to define their own default behaviour (#116).

New arguments to reprex():


Other changes

reprex 0.1.2

This was a non-functioning release created by CRAN maintainers by commenting out lines of code relating to the clipboard.

reprex 0.1.1

reprex 0.1.0