R API for Trello

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The purpose of trelloR is to easily access Trello API from R. It can retrieve cards, labels, checklists and other data from Trello boards, using functions with predictable names. Getting cards from a particular board is as easy as:

board = get_board_id("https://trello.com/b/nC8QJJoZ/trello-development-roadmap")
cards = get_board_cards(board)

Automated paging makes sure that all results will be acquired. Access to private boards is achieved by obtaining a secure token using Trello developer keys.

You can install the development version from Github:


For more information, read the vignette.

Note. trelloR is built on top of Hadley Wickham's httr and Jeroen Ooms' jsonlite.

Disclaimer: trelloR is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by or in any way officially connected to Trello, Inc. (http://www.trello.com).