rmdformats usage

Julien Barnier


This R package provides ready-to-use HTML output formats and templates for RMarkdown documents. The goal is to produce clean documents “out of the box”, with or without the RStudio IDE.


The package provides several HTML output formats :


You can add the following options to your YAML preamble :

Example preamble :

title: "My document"
date: "`r Sys.Date()`"
author: John Doe
    self_contained: true
    thumbnails: true
    lightbox: true
    gallery: false
    highlight: tango

Creating a new document

Within RStudio

Choose File > New File... > R Markdown..., then select From Template. You should then be able to create a new document from one of the package templates.

Without RStudio

The create.doc() function allows you to create a new directory with a clean ready-to-use RMarkdown file. create.doc() gets two main arguments :

By default, a Makefile file will be created in the new folder for direct rendering from the command line.


With RStudio

Rendering from within RStudio should be quite simple : just click the Knit button.

Rendering from R

You can render your document into HTML directly from within R with the render() function from the rmarkdown package :


Rendering with the Makefile

If you created your .Rmd file with the create.doc() function, you can then generate HTML or PDF files with :

make html
make pdf

You can also clean out any generated files and cache with :

make clean

Extra features and helpers

Some extra features are available depending on the format :

The package also provides a create.doc() function as well as RStudio document templates to easily generate an empty and ready to use rmarkdown file with several configuration directives.

Finally, it also provides the pilltabs() helper function, which allows to display a crosstab dynamically. See one of the output samples for a live example.