vdiffr 0.2.3

  1. and Hiroaki Yutani (@yutannihilation) for helping out with this!

I’m working on embedding svglite in vdiffr and compiling statically to FreeType and Harfbuzz to make SVG generation deterministic across platforms. Until then vdiffr will remain a bit unstable (but should silently fail if dependencies have diverged).

vdiffr 0.2.2

We plan to fix these issues once and for all by embedding gdtools, svglite, Cairo and FreeType in the vdiffr package.

vdiffr 0.2.1

This release fixes some CRAN failures.

vdiffr 0.2.0

This release makes it easier to debug failures on remote systems. It also makes vdiffr more robust to failures caused by incompatible installations: instead of failing, the tests are skipped. This prevents spurious failures on CRAN.

Troubleshooting on remotes

Handling of incompatible systems

The tests are now skipped if the FreeType version used to build the comparison SVGs does not match the version installed on the system where the tests are run. This is necessary because changes in new version of FreeType might affect the computation of text extents, which then causes svglite to produce slightly different SVGs. The minor version is not taken into account so FreeType 2.7.1 is deemed compatible with 2.7.2 but not with 2.8.0.

In practice, this means that package contributors should only validate visual cases if their FreeType version matches the one of the package maintainer. Also, the maintainer must update the version recorded in the package repository (in the file ./tests/figs/deps.txt) when FreeType has been updated on their system. Running vdiffr::validate_cases() updates the dependency file even if there are no visual case to update.

In the future, we may provide a version of vdiffr statically compiled with a specific version of FreeType to prevent these issues.

Other changes

vdiffr 0.1.1

vdiffr 0.1.0


Initial release