eemR 0.1.5

eemR 0.1.4

eemR 0.1.3

Consider the following example where there are two folders that could represent scans performed on two different days scans_day_1 and scans_day_2. In each folder there are three samples and one blank files. In that context, eem_remove_blank() will use the blank nano.csv from sample1.csv, sample2.csv and sample3.csv. The same strategy will be used for files in folder scans_day_2 but with blank named blank.csv.

├── scans_day_1
│   ├── nano.csv
│   ├── sample1.csv
│   ├── sample2.csv
│   └── sample3.csv
└── scans_day_2
    ├── blank.csv
    └── s1.csv

eemR 0.1.2

eemR 0.1.1

eemR 0.1.0