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This R package ingests data (environmental measurements, sensor stations) from the API of for analysis in R. The package aims to be compatible with sf and the tidyverse.


The package is available on CRAN, install it via


To install the veryy latest from GitHub, run:

devtools::install_github('noerw/opensensmapr@master')      # latest stable version
devtools::install_github('noerw/opensensmapr@development') # bleeding edge version


Each function’s documentation can be viewed with ?<function-name>. An overview is given in ?opensensmapr. A verbose usage example is shown in the vignette osem-intro.

In short, the following pseudocode shows the main functions for data retrieval:

# retrieve a single box by id, or many boxes by some property-filters
b = osem_box('boxId')
b = osem_boxes(filter1, filter2, ...)

# get the counts of observed phenomena for a list of boxes
p = osem_phenomena(b)

# get measurements for a phenomenon
m = osem_measurements(phenomenon, filter1, ...)
# get measurements for a phenomenon from selected boxes
m = osem_measurements(b, phenomenon, filter1, ...)
# get measurements for a phenomenon from a geographic bounding box
m = osem_measurements(bbox, phenomenon, filter1, ...)

# get general count statistics of the openSenseMap database

Additionally there are some helpers: summary.sensebox(), plot.sensebox(), st_as_sf.sensebox(), osem_as_sensebox(), [.sensebox(), filter.sensebox(), mutate.sensebox(), ....


This project adheres to semantic versioning, for changes in recent versions please consult

Contributing & Development

Contributions are very welcome! When submitting a patch, please follow the existing code style, and run R CMD check --no-vignettes . on the package.

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.


GPL-2.0 - Norwin Roosen