shinyWidgets 0.4.2

shinyWidgets 0.4.1

Bug fixes : * Fix logic on when btn-size class is added to button by [@coolbutuseless]( * Bug in dependencies between pretty* and bttn.

shinyWidgets 0.4.0

Bug fixes: * Bug when initializing (in modal window or in renderUI) pickerInput and switchInput. * awesomeCheckboxGroup not working when inline = FALSE, thanks to @meganhartwell-stemcell, @dStudio-git, @Nicolabo to report this. * Weird behavior of inputs in dropdown reported by @markdumke.

shinyWidgets 0.3.6

shinyWidgets 0.3.5

shinyWidgets 0.3.4

This release fix a bug in the gallery and add tests.

Bug fixes

shinyWidgets 0.3.3

Several updates methods implemented.

New features

Minor new features and improvements

shinyWidgets 0.3.2

Better documentation and examples. Alternative function to create a dropdown. New function colorSelector.