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The wrspathrow supports working in R with the Worldwide Reference System (WRS) 1 and WRS 2 grids used by NASA for cataloging Landsat scenes. The package allows fetching the path and row numbers for a given spatial object, or conversely, allows fetching a SpatialPolygonsDataFrame of the area covered by a given path and row. The wrspathrowData package (which contains the WRS-1 and WRS-2 grids) is required by the wrspathrow package.

Package Installation

The easiest way to install the development version of the package is to download it directly from GitHub (within R) using the devtools package by Hadley Wickham. After installing devtools from CRAN, type:

install_github('wrspathrow', username='azvoleff')

at the R prompt to install wrspathrow.

Author Contact Information

Alex Zvoleff
Postdoctoral Associate
Tropical Ecology Assessment and Monitoring (TEAM) Network
Conservation International
2011 Crystal Dr. Suite 500
Arlington, VA 22202