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A package that includes functions that I find useful for teaching statistics as well as actually practicing the art. They typically are not “new” methods but rather wrappers around either base R or other packages and concepts I’m trying to master. Currently contains:


# Install from CRAN

# Or the development version from GitHub
# install.packages("devtools")


library(CGPfunctions) will load the package which contains 4 functions:

SeeDist will give you some plots of the distribution of a variable using ggplot2

Mode is a helper function that simply returns one or more modal values

neweta is a helper function which returns a tibble containing AOV output similar to summary(aov(MyAOV)) but with eta squared computed and appended as an additional column

The Plot2WayANOVA function conducts a classic analysis using existing R functions and packages in a sane and defensible manner not necessarily in the one and only manner.

OurConf is a simulation function that helps you learn about confidence intervals


Many thanks to Dani Navarro and the book > (Learning Statistics with R) whose etaSquared function was the genesis of neweta.

“He who gives up safety for speed deserves neither.” (via)

A shoutout to some other packages I find essential.

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