Build Status pcit ====

PCIT: an R package for weighted gene co-expression networks based on partial correlation and information theory approaches

Building and Submitting Packages

  1. Update "Version" and "Date" in the DESCRIPTION file
  2. Add info about changes since last release to ChangeLog file
  3. R CMD build pcit
  4. Check the built tarball: R CMD check --as-cran PCIT_*.tar.gz
  5. Submit the tarball at or via FTP uisng instructions here:
  6. Tag the release on github:
# Parse out the version info from the DESCRIOTION file
version=$(grep "^Version:" DESCRIPTION | awk '{print $2}')
# Tag the current branch using the Changelog entry for this version, asthe message
git tag -a "v${version}" -F <(perl -e '$v_encountered=0; while(<>){if (/'${version}'/){$v_encountered=1;print;next}; last if /^\d/; print}' ChangeLog)
# Push the tag up to github
git push origin "v${version}"