ggalluvial 0.9.1

Suggest sessioninfo for session_info()

Because the only functional (e.g. out occurrence of devtools is to call session_info() at the ends of the vignettes, this suggestion and usage are switched to sessioninfo.

markdown formatting

Documentation is slightly reformatted due to switching roxygen syntax to markdown.

z-ordering patch

The internal z-ordering function z_order_aes failed to recognize contiguous segments of alluvia, thereby assigning later segments missing values of 'group' and preventing them from being rendered. This has been corrected.

ggalluvial 0.9.0

geom_alluvium() patch

An occurrence of weight in geom_alluvium() was not updated for v0.8.0 and caused geom_alluvium() to throw an error in some cases. This has been corrected.

geom_flow() patch

An earlier solution to the z-ordering problem sufficed for matched layers (*_alluvium() and *_flow()) but failed for the combination of stat_alluvium() with geom_flow(). This is been corrected in the code for GeomFlow$draw_panel(), though a more elegant and general solution is preferred.

Deprecated parameters removed

The deprecated parameters axis_width (all geom layers) and ribbon_bend (geom_alluvium() and geom_flow()) are removed and an explanatory note added to the layers’ documentation.

Vignette on labeling small strata

A vignette illustrating two methods for labeling small strata, using other ggplot2 extensions, is included.

self_adjoin() export

The internal function self_adjoin(), invoked by geom_flow(), is revised, exported, documented, and exemplified.

ggalluvial 0.8.0

Stat layer functionality

Alluvial data functionality

ggalluvial 0.7.0

Alluvial data functionality

These changes make the functions that test for and convert between alluvial formats behave more like popular functions in the tidyverse. Some of the changes introduce backward incompatibilities, but most result in deprecation warnings.

ggalluvial 0.6.0

CRAN checks for v0.5.0

Alluvial data functionality

Layer internals

ggalluvial 0.5.0

Backward incompatibilities

The ggalluvial() shortcut function, which included a formula interface, deprecated in version 0.4.0, is removed.

earlier versions

I only started maintaining with version 0.5.0.