getting started

Install R (and RStudio)

If you don’t already have them, download and install R and RStudio (optional)

Install soilcarbon package

To install the soilcarbon package, just run this code in R.

If you are on Windows OS, you need this line:

install.packages(c("htmltools", "httpuv", "xtable"))

All systems run:


(You only need to run install.package(c("htmltools", "httpuv", "xtable") and install.packages("devtools") once, but as the soilcarbon is developed you can run devtools::install_github("powellcenter-soilcarbon/soilcarbon") to get the latest version.)

Run soilcarbon shiny workbench

The fastest and easiest way to interact with the soilcarbon database is through an R shiny app that comes with the soilcarbon pacakge. After you have installed the package, just run this code in R:

shiny::runApp(system.file('shiny', package='soilcarbon'))

In this shiny app, you can plot or download data in the database, and run a quality control check on a datafile you want to submit to the database.

Adding data

Download Template file

The template file for adding new data to the database can be accessed through the soilcarbon shiny app, or can be downloaded at this link. download template

Run quality control check

After you have downloaded the template file and filled it in with data, you must check whether the data file passes the quality control requirements to be added to the databse. Follow these steps:

  1. Fire up the soil carbon workbench and go to the ‘add data to database’ tab.
  2. Click ‘Browse’ and chose the file you want to upload
  3. If the file is the right format (.xlsx and correct tabs) a button that says ‘download quality control report’ will appear. Click this.
  4. Look at the file that is generated. If there are problems with the formating of the dataset, you will see warning messages. Read the text in the warning messages to figure out what the problem is.

If you are having trouble understanding the formatting requirements for passing the quality control check, see this list of tips for filling out the template correctly:

If you are still having trouble passing the quality control test, send an email to Grey Monroe (greymonroe @ with a description of your problem, along with the data file and quality control report.

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Template instructions

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