R package CalibrateSSB

Weighting and Estimation for Panel Data with Non-Response

AkuData Generate test data
CalibrateSSB Calibration weighting and estimation
CalibrateSSBpanel Calibration weighting and variance estimation for panel data
CalSSBobj Create or modify a CalSSB object
CrossStrata Crossing several factor variables
LagDiff Creation of linear combination matrices
LinCombMatrix Creation of linear combination matrices
PanelEstimation Variance estimation for panel data
Period Creation of linear combination matrices
PeriodDiff Creation of linear combination matrices
WideFromCalibrate Rearrange output from CalibrateSSB (calSSB object). Ready for input to PanelEstimation.


CalibrateSSB is an R-package that handles repeated surveys with partially overlapping samples. Initially the samples are weighted by linear calibration using known or estimated population totals. A robust model based covariance matrix for all relevant estimated totals is calculated from the residuals according to the calibration model. Alternatively a design based covariance matrix is calculated in a very similar way. A cluster robust version is also possible. In the case of estimated populations totals the covariance matrix is adjusted by utilizing the theory of Särndal and Lundström (2005). Variances of linear combinations (changes and averages) and ratios are calculated from this covariance matrix. The linear combinations and ratios can involve variables within and/or between sample waves.


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Särndal, C.-E. and Lundström, S. (2005): Estimation in Surveys with Nonresponse, John Wiley and Sons, New York.