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mscstts Package:

The goal of mscstts is to provide an R Client for the Microsoft Cognitive Services Text to Speech REST API, including voice synthesis. A valid account MUST be registered at the Microsoft Cognitive Services website in order to obtain a (free) API key. Without an API key, this package will not work properly.

See the documentation here:

You can get a TTS API key here: The API you need to get one from is Bing Speech.


You can install mscstts from GitHub with:

# install.packages("remotes")


if (have_ms_tts_key()) {
  res = ms_synthesize(
    script = "hey, how are you doing? I'm doing pretty good",
    output_format = "audio-16khz-128kbitrate-mono-mp3")
  tmp <- "example.mp3"
  writeBin(res$content, con = tmp)
  mp3 = tuneR::readMP3(tmp)
testthat::expect_true(file.size(tmp) > 50000)
if (interactive()) {
  tuner::play(mp3, player = "play")