probably: Tools for Post-Processing Class Probability Estimates

Models can be improved by post-processing class probabilities, by: recalibration, conversion to hard probabilities, assessment of equivocal zones, and other activities. 'probably' contains tools for conducting these operations.

Version: 0.0.1
Depends: R (≥ 2.10)
Imports: dplyr, generics, rlang, tidyselect, vctrs, yardstick
Suggests: testthat, covr, knitr, rmarkdown, parsnip, ggplot2
Published: 2018-12-18
Author: Max Kuhn [aut, cre], Davis Vaughan [aut], RStudio [cph]
Maintainer: Max Kuhn <max at>
License: GPL-2
NeedsCompilation: no
Materials: README NEWS
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Reference manual: probably.pdf
Vignettes: Equivocal zones
Where does probably fit in?
Package source: probably_0.0.1.tar.gz
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OS X binaries: r-release: probably_0.0.1.tgz, r-oldrel: probably_0.0.1.tgz


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