1. Generate personal access token PAT through your Github account (https://github.com/settings/tokens)
  1. In RStudio, do: {r eval=FALSE} install.packages('devtools') devtools::install_github('newshipt/dbfaker', auth_token=<put your PAT here>)


```{r eval=FALSE}

parse cli arguments

library(optparse) option_list <- list( make_option(c("-d", "--date"), type="character", default=as.character(as_date(with_tz(Sys.time(), "GMT"))), help="date of execution"), make_option(c("-t", "--test"), action="store_true", default=FALSE, help="execute tests and mask writes to databases") ) opt <- parse_args(OptionParser(option_list=option_list))

execute with parsed arguments

run(optdate, opttest)

main function which encapsulates high level functions of your program

run <- function(date, test) { readData(...) transformData(...) trainModel(...) ifelse(test, dbfaker::verifyWrite(...), writeData(...)) }

components of your program

readData <- function(...) {} transformData <- function(...) {} trainModel <- function(...) {} writeData <- function(...) { dbWriteTable(...) dbSendQuery(...) } ```