#Release v0.5.1 * Fixed bugs in plotting functions related to plotting two groups. * Fixed bug in AR(1) model with restricted time variance. * Updated dependencies to rstan 2.18.2. * Added error-catching in covariate creation.

#Release v0.5.0 * New models for Poisson, ordinal-graded response, Normal and Log-normal outcomes. * Time-varying ideal point processes: random-walks and auto-regressive priors. * Time-varying plot functions for ideal points. * Hierarchical covariates for ideal points and item/bill discrimination. * Switched from matrix data input to long data frames.

#Release v0.2.9.1 * Fixed bugs in id_extract and id_make functions.

#Release v0.2.9 * Fixed a bug in the ideal point plot function, and also in the auto_id option in id_estimate.

Release v0.2.2