readxl 1.2.0

Column name repair

readxl exposes the .name_repair argument that is coming to version 2.0.0 of the tibble package. The readxl default is .name_repair = "unique", keeping with the readxl convention to ensure column names are neither missing nor duplicated.

Other changes

Dependency changes

readxl is now tested back to R >= 3.1.

Embedded libxls has been updated, using the source in readxl’s DESCRIPTION now records the SHA associated to the embedded libxls in a Note.

readxl 1.1.0

readxl 1.0.0

Sheet geometry

Column types and coercion


Many 3rd party tools write xls and xlsx that comply with the spec, but that are quite different from files produced by Excel.


readxl 0.1.1