DatabaseConnector 2.3.0


  1. Adding support for SQLite through RSQLite (mainly for demonstration and testing)

  2. Adding convenience functions renderTranslateExecuteSql, renderTranslateQuerySql, and renderTranslateQuerySql.ffdf

  3. Dropping Starschema BigQuery driver (in favor of newer Simba driver)

  4. Added support for inserting BIGINTs (large interegers stored as numeric in R)

  5. Applying CTAS hack to improve insertion performance for RedShift (was already used for PDW)


  1. Executing multi-statement SQL where one statement returns results no longer causes error.

DatabaseConnector 2.2.1


  1. Now supporting proper insertion and extraction of DATETIME fields


  1. Closing output stream when writing to zip file to avoid orphan file locks
  2. Fixed the problem that Jar file is not detected when setting JDBC driver manually

DatabaseConnector 2.2.0


  1. Checking number of inserted rows after bulk upload, throwing error if not correct
  2. Added convenience function for cross-platform zipping of files and folders

DatabaseConnector 2.1.4


  1. Faster inserts by building batches in Java instead of R

DatabaseConnector 2.1.3


  1. Updated to DBI specification 1.0
  2. Defaulting connect arguments to NULL to prevent missing argument warnings in RStudio


  1. Now generating unique display names for RStudio’s Connections tab to prevent problems when opening two connections to the same server.

DatabaseConnector 2.1.2

Changes: initial submission to CRAN