provViz is a simple tool that allows the user to visualize a provenance graph collected by rdt or rdtLite using DDG Explorer. For information on how to use DDG Explorer, please see the DDG Explorer README.

If you have collected provenance in this R session using rdt or rdtLite, you can view the provenance from the last execution using prov.visualize:


To run a script and view its provenance, call the prov.visualize function:

prov.visualize (r.script.path = NULL, tool = "rdtLite")

If you already have provenance stored in a file, call the prov.visualize.saved function:

prov.visualize.saved (prov.file)

r.script.path - The path to an R script. This script will be executed with provenance captured by rdt or rdtLite. If r.script.path is NULL, the last provenance graph captured will be displayed.

tool - which tool to use to capture proveannce. Possible values are “rdtLite” or “rdt”.

prov.file - The name of a file containing provenance.

Known problems

If the user calls this with NULL for r.script.path but no provenance has been captured yet in the session, there is a json string returned but it is not valid.