# spartan 3.0.2

Kieran Alden

12 November 2018

{r setup, include=FALSE} knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = TRUE)

spartan 3.0.2

Changes introduced since spartan 3.0.1 * Plots translated to use ggplot, removing requirement for gplots package * Additional functions added to ease integration with forthcoming additional packages and roboSpartan platforms * Additional tests and fixes to descriptions in the three vignettes

spartan 3.0.1

Changes introduced since spartan 2: * Use of machine learning techniques to emulate a previously developed simulation (Technique 6) * Creation of an ensemble that captures multiple emulators (Technique 7) * Use of an ensemble/emulator to perform sensitivity analyses using spartan (Technique 8) * Use of an ensemble/emulator in performing approximate bayesian computation (ABC, Technique 9) * Use of an emulator and evolutionary algorithm to find parameter sets that generate a specified set of behaviours * More detailed vignettes for all techniques * Version 3.0.1 added improved test coverage, integration with Travis-CI, and links with Github