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We are planning a major and exciting overhaul of spectrolab, but the planned improvments will probably break backwards compatibility! Please use the package to provide us with feedback, but do not rely heavily on our API just yet.

The package is being actively developed and parts of the API may still change. You’re welcome to give it a spin, but do so at your own risk. With that said, most parts of the package are pretty stable. Let us know if you find otherwise.


You can install spectrolab from CRAN using:


Using spectrolab

This vignette introduces spectrolab, and walks you through the basics of the package.

This vignette shows how to splice sensors using the function match_sensors and explains the details about how its arguments work. A more general processing vignette is coming soon.


In an effort to keep things tidy and in running order, direct commits to master are discouraged. The master branch of the “meireles/spectrolab” fork is protected.

I also use a pre-commit hook in my local repo that prevents me from breaking my own policy! I suggest you do the same.

We highly encourage you to read the vignette on advanced spectrolab use if you’re planning on contributing to or developing a package that depends on spectrolab.