cRegulome 0.99.0

- cRegulome v0.99.0 (2017-09-06) Submit to rOpenSci

cRegulome 0.1.0

- cRegulome v0.1.0 (2018-02-08) Approved by rOpenSci

cRegulome 0.1.1

- fix installing in default library tree

cRegulome 0.2.0

- Reduced code dependencies
- Improved code performance

cRegulome 0.2.0

- Bug fix: since 0.2.0 the argument targets_only did not work  properly.
The bug is fixed and tested in this release.
- Added the option directed to cor_igraph which allowes for constructing
a directed graph when desired.
- Added the option to limit the query output of get_tf and get_mir to 
a predifined set of genes.