echarts4r 0.2.1

Support for timeline added

echarts4r 0.2.0

Arguments containing . have been replaced by _ for clarity. I.e.: coord.system => coord_system.

Deprecated functions from 0.1.2 have been removed, they can be found in the echarts4r.assets package:

The scatter family of function has been reworked: the scale argument now takes a scaling function. To accomodate to this, the e_visual_map function also takes, optionally, a scaling function. Retired e_keras_history due to its uselessness.

echarts4r 0.1.2

First iteration of the graphic low-level API:

echarts4r 0.1.1

Now available on CRAN

echarts4r 0.1.0

echarts4r now understands dplyr::group_by

echarts4r 0.0.2

echarts4r 0.0.1



Initial version with chart types: