If you ever wanted random Chuck Norris jokes on-demand, this is the package for you.

How To Install

You can now install via CRAN with install.packages("norris")!

Otherwise, for dev version - install devtools and then use install_github pointing to this repo. See below:



How To Use

Get a random Chuck Norris joke with get_random_joke(), or get multiple random jokes with get_multiple_randos().

For get_multiple_randos() - input the number of jokes you want, if you want!

Otherwise, use get_numbered_joke() with a joke number (somewhere between 1 and 558) to get a specific joke.

Utility functions get_joke_count() and get_joke_categories() are pretty pointless currently.

Special Notes

For get_numbered_joke(), there are a few jokes missing (7 through 11). Maybe Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked them out of the database..