OpenImageR 1.1.5

OpenImageR 1.1.4

OpenImageR 1.1.3

OpenImageR 1.1.2

OpenImageR 1.1.1

OpenImageR 1.1.0

OpenImageR 1.0.9

I added the GaborFeatureExtract R6 class, which as the name suggests extracts Gabor features from images (I updated the documentation and Vignettes too)

OpenImageR 1.0.8

I added the DARMA_64BIT_WORD flag in the Makevars file to allow the package processing big datasets

OpenImageR 1.0.7

I removed the threads parameter from the Augmentation function as there is no significant improvement (in execution speed) between a threaded and a non-threaded version. I modified the OpenMP clauses of the .cpp files to address the ASAN errors.

OpenImageR 1.0.6

I fixed a bug in the translation_mat function of the utils.cpp source file ( and Moreover, I added the padded_value parameter in the translation and Augmentation R functions to allow the user to adjust the shifted values ( in case that shift_rows or shift_cols is not 0 ). The padded_value parameter can take either a numeric value or a numeric vector depending on the dimensions of the image. Previously, the shifted values were replaced by default with 0.

OpenImageR 1.0.5

I fixed a bug in the dhash function according to the Changelog of the imagehash python library. Moreover, I added a function to round float numbers in the image_hashing.cpp source file, otherwise by creating hash values using the bilinear interpolation method the returned values are incorrect.

OpenImageR 1.0.4

I modified the R script files to accept extension types similar to .tiff such as .tif, .TIFF or .TIF

OpenImageR 1.0.3

I modified the Augmentation function to correct an issue which occured due to the zca_comps parameter

OpenImageR 1.0.2

I did OpenMP optional for all cpp files due to the fact that the OSX OS does not currently support openMP ( r-devel-osx-x86_64-clang )

I removed the floor() function from the lines 45, 46 of the hog_features.cpp, because otherwise Solaris OS throws the following error:

I can not fix the following error in the hog_features.cpp file for the r-oldrel-windows platform as it has either to do with the RcppArmadillo version or is GCC specific,

Platforms, which support newer versions of GCC (GCC >= 4.9.0) and a recent version of RcppArmadillo (>= 0.7) do not throw such an error.

OpenImageR 1.0.1

I modified the Makevars files, so that OpenImageR can be installed error-free in the following OS’s,

OpenImageR 1.0.0