desplot 1.5 - Apr 2019

Beta version of ggplot2 version of desplot.

New argument subset to subset data before analysis.

desplot 1.3 - Oct 2017

Bug fix.

desplot 1.2 - Jul 2017

Now using testthat and covr packages. (Currently covr fails).

desplot 1.1 - Dec 2016

A new function argument midpoint="median" now uses the median to determine the midpoint for the ribbon. Previously, the midpoint was halfway between the minimum and maximum data values. Use midpoint=NULL or midpoint="midrange" to restore the old behavior.

Minor fix so vignette example with yates.oats data will work with next version of agridat.

desplot 1.0 - Dec 2015

The desplot package has been split off from the agridat package.

desplot 0.0 - 2008

Original creation of function.