rviewgraph: Animated Graph Layout Viewer

This is an 'R' interface to Alun Thomas's 'ViewGraph' 'Java' graph viewing program. It takes a graph specified as an incidence matrix, list of edges, or in 'igraph' format and runs a graphical user interface that shows an animation of a force directed algorithm positioning the vertices in two dimensions. It works well for graphs of various structure of up to a few thousand vertices. It's not fazed by graphs that comprise several components. The coordinates can be read as an 'igraph' style layout matrix at any time. The user can mess with the layout using a mouse, preferably one with 3 buttons, and some keyed commands. The 'Java' program 'ViewGraph' is contained in Alun Thomas's 'JPSGCS' collection of 'Java' programs for statistical genetics and computational statistics. The homepage for 'JPSGCS' is <http://www-genepi.med.utah.edu/~alun/software/index.html>. The documentation page for 'ViewGraph' is at <http://www-genepi.med.utah.edu/~alun/software/docs/ViewGraph.html>.

Version: 1.2
Depends: rJava
Enhances: igraph, Matrix
Published: 2018-07-27
Author: Alun Thomas
Maintainer: Alun Thomas <Alun.Thomas at utah.edu>
License: GPL-2
NeedsCompilation: no
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Reference manual: rviewgraph.pdf
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