CAM: Causal Additive Model (CAM)

The code takes an n x p data matrix and fits a Causal Additive Model (CAM) for estimating the causal structure of the underlying process. The output is a p x p adjacency matrix (a one in entry (i,j) indicates an edge from i to j). Details of the algorithm can be found in: P. B├╝hlmann, J. Peters, J. Ernest: "CAM: Causal Additive Models, high-dimensional order search and penalized regression", Annals of Statistics 42:2526-2556, 2014.

Version: 1.0
Depends: glmnet, mboost, Matrix, parallel, mgcv
Published: 2015-03-05
Author: Jonas Peters and Jan Ernest
Maintainer: Jonas Peters <jonas.peters at>
License: FreeBSD
NeedsCompilation: no
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