MortalityLaws: Parametric Mortality Models, Life Tables and HMD

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Fit the most popular human mortality laws, and construct full and abridge life tables given various input indices. A mortality law is a parametric function that describes the dying-out process of individuals in a population during a significant portion of their life spans. For a comprehensive review of the most important mortality laws see Tabeau (2001). An elegant function for downloading data from Human Mortality Database is provided as well.


  1. Make sure you have the most recent version of R
  2. Run the following code in your R console

Updating to the latest version of the package

You can track and contribute to the development of MortalityLaws on GitHub. To install it:

  1. Install the release version of devtools from CRAN with install.packages("devtools").

  2. Make sure you have a working development environment.
  3. Install the development version of MortalityLaws.


All functions are documented in the standard way, which means that once you load the package using library(MortalityLaws) you can just type ?MortalityLaw to see the help file.