Glossary of output columns and tidier arguments

Alex Hayes


This vignette displays two datasets built into broom: argument_glossary and column_glossary. These datasets are incomplete works in progress.

Argument glossary

method argument description
glance deviance
glance diagnostics
glance looic
glance mcmc
glance object
glance test
glance x
augment data
augment newdata
augment object
augment type.predict
augment type.residuals
augment weights
augment x
tidy alpha
tidy boot_se
tidy by_class
tidy col.names
tidy component
tidy conf.level
tidy conf.method
tidy conf.type
tidy diagonal
tidy droppars
tidy effects
tidy ess
tidy estimate.method
tidy exponentiate
tidy fe
tidy intervals
tidy matrix
tidy na.rm
tidy object
tidy par_type
tidy parameters
tidy parametric
tidy pars
tidy prob
tidy quick
tidy ran_prefix
tidy region
tidy return_zeros
tidy rhat
tidy robust
tidy scales
tidy se.type
tidy strata
tidy test
tidy trim
tidy upper
tidy x

Column glossary

method column description used_by
glance sigma Arima
glance logLik c(“Arima”, “betareg”)
glance AIC c(“Arima”, “betareg”, “biglm”)
glance BIC c(“Arima”, “betareg”)
glance pseudo.r.squared betareg
glance df.residual betareg
glance df.null betareg
glance r.squared biglm
glance deviance biglm
glance power binDesign
glance power.reached binDesign
glance n binDesign
glance maxit binDesign
augment .fitted betareg
augment .resid betareg
augment .cooksd c(“betareg”, "")
augment .rownames
tidy term c(“Arima”, “betareg”)
tidy estimate c(“Arima”, “betareg”)
tidy std.error c(“Arima”, “betareg”)
tidy p.value betareg
tidy conf.low c(“Arima”, “betareg”)
tidy conf.high c(“Arima”, “betareg”)
tidy cutoffs roc
tidy fpr roc
tidy tpr roc
tidy component betareg
tidy statistic betareg
tidy ci.width binWidth
tidy alternative binWidth
tidy p binWidth
tidy n c(“binWidth”, “binDesign”)
tidy power binDesign