version 1.4.0 - introduced geocode and revgeo functions (via ČÚZK API) - optimization of documentation and vignette

version 1.3.3 - upgraded shapefile downloads from http:// to https://

version 1.3.2 - updated vignette (Czech Population) to reflect changes in readxl package

version 1.3.1
- replaced internally utils::download.file() by curl::curl_download() to improve compatibility

version 1.3.0
- new objects / functions added: silnice, zeleznice, chr_uzemi and lesy
- updated vignette to reflect changes in tmap package (v.1.x -> v.2.0)

version 1.2.6
- fixing of bugs introduced by 1.2.5 on some windows machines

version 1.2.5
- added support for local cache to speed up calculation and save bandwidth

version 1.2.4
- added function union_sf to aggregate sf data frames
- corrected typos in documentation (NUTS2 vs. NUTS3 in obce)
- unit tests optimized

version 1.2.3
- low resolution shapefiles added for republika, kraje and okresy
- internet connection not required for using lo-res shapefiles
- dependency on tidverse replaced by dplyr

version 1.1.1
- [!] this is the the first CRAN version
- [!] to make the package pass CRAN size requirements data files were changed from internal to external (internet connection required to load)
- a development version is available on
- if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me (jindra dot lacko at gmail dot com)