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Flowr framework allows you to design and implement complex pipelines, and deploy them on your institution's computing cluster. This has been built keeping in mind the needs of bioinformatics workflows. However, it is easily extendable to any field where a series of steps (shell commands) are to be executed in a (work)flow.




A few lines, to get started

## Official stable release from CRAN (updated every other month)
## visit for more details
install.packages("flowr",  repos = "")

# or a latest version from DRAT, provide cran for dependencies
install.packages("flowr", repos = c(CRAN="", DRAT=""))

library(flowr) ## load the library
setup() ## copy flowr bash script; and create a folder flowr under home.

## Run an example pipeline
flowr run x=sleep_pipe platform=local execute=TRUE

Example pipelines inst/pipelines



This package is under active-development, you may watch for changes using the watch link above.


Please feel free to raise a github issue with questions and comments.