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SnotelR is a R toolbox to facilitate easy SNOTEL data exploration and downloads through a convenient R shiny based GUI. In addition it provides a routine to extract basic snow phenology metrics.


stable release

To install the current stable release use a CRAN repository:


development release

To install the development releases of the package run the following commands:


Vignettes are not rendered by default, if you want to include additional documentation please use:

devtools::install_github("khufkens/snotelr", build_vignettes = TRUE)


Most people will prefer the GUI to explore data on the fly. To envoke the GUI use the following command:


This will start a shiny application with an R backend in your default browser. The first window will display all site locations, and allows for subsetting of the data based upon state or a bounding box. The bounding box can be selected by clicking top-left and bottom-right.

The plot data tab allows for interactive viewing of the soil water equivalent (SWE) data together with a covariate (temperature, precipitation). The SWE time series will also mark snow phenology statistics, mainly the day of:

To access the full list of SNOTEL sites and associated meta-data use the function.

# returns the site info as snotel_metadata.txt in the current working directory
snotel_info(path = ".") 

# export to data frame
meta-data <- snotel_info(path = NULL) 

# show some lines of the data frame

To query data for e.g. site 924 as shown in the image above use:

snotel_download(site_id = 924)

For in depth analysis the statistics in the GUI can be retrieved using the snotel_phenology() function

# with df a SNOTEL file or data frame in your R workspace


Use the proper acknowledgements when using the downloaded data.


This project was in part supported by the National Science Foundation’s Macro-system Biology Program (award EF-1065029).