Tools to calculate the theoretical spectral response of fluid-pressure in a water well to harmonic strains (e.g., tides, long-period seismic waves).

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Models of spectral response

This code calculates the response at two types of wells: a sealed well and an open well (exposed to atmosphere).

Sealed Well

The theoretical model for a sealed well, where fluids are isolated from atmospheric pressure, responding to dilational strains from seismic waves is from Kitagawa, et al. (2011) which this package is named after.

Open Well

The first theoretical model for a sealed well responding to seimic displacements is from Cooper, et al. (1965).

This package also includes support for the models in Hsieh, et al. (1987). Rojstaczer (1988), and Liu, et al. (1989), which are based on various sources (i.e., tides, atmospheric pressure, and seismic waves).

Getting Started

You can install the package via CRAN from within the R environment:


Load the package library and take a look at the vignettes:


Installing the Development Version

Should you wish to install the development version of this software, the devtools library will be useful: