CRAN Task View: Teaching Statistics

Maintainer:Paul Northrop
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This CRAN task view gives information about packages with features that are designed to assist with the teaching of Statistics. It is not concerned with the teaching of R itself. A few of these packages are listed in other task views, but only the Bayesian task view has a section devoted explicitly to teaching (Bayesian) Statistics.

The packages are grouped into three broad topics: teaching, examination and packages associated with Statistics books. The latter is for books that are general enough to be of potential interest to a wide audience of teachers of Statistics. They should concern models and methods with wide applicability and not be tied closely to a particular application.

If you think that a package is missing from the list, or have any other comments or suggestions, then please contact the maintainer.



Packages associated with Statistics books

The following packages are associated with textbooks that are of potential interest to a general statistical audience, rather than being specific to a particular application area. The general principle for inclusion is that package is likely to be of direct use in the teaching of statistical methods. Official publisher links are provided where possible and, in some cases, a link to further resources.

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