DT: A Wrapper of the JavaScript Library 'DataTables'

Data objects in R can be rendered as HTML tables using the JavaScript library 'DataTables' (typically via R Markdown or Shiny). The 'DataTables' library has been included in this R package. The package name 'DT' is an abbreviation of 'DataTables'.

Version: 0.7
Imports: htmltools (≥ 0.3.6), htmlwidgets (≥ 1.3), magrittr, crosstalk, promises
Suggests: jsonlite (≥ 0.9.16), knitr (≥ 1.8), rmarkdown, shiny (≥ 1.1.0)
Published: 2019-06-11
Author: Yihui Xie [aut, cre], Joe Cheng [aut], Xianying Tan [aut], JJ Allaire [ctb], Maximilian Girlich [ctb], Greg Freedman Ellis [ctb], Johannes Rauh [ctb], jQuery contributors [ctb, cph] (jQuery in htmlwidgets/lib), SpryMedia Limited [ctb, cph] (DataTables in htmlwidgets/lib), Brian Reavis [ctb, cph] (selectize.js in htmlwidgets/lib), Leon Gersen [ctb, cph] (noUiSlider in htmlwidgets/lib), Bartek Szopka [ctb, cph] (jquery.highlight.js in htmlwidgets/lib), RStudio Inc [cph]
Maintainer: Yihui Xie <xie at yihui.name>
BugReports: https://github.com/rstudio/DT/issues
License: GPL-3 | file LICENSE
URL: https://rstudio.github.io/DT
NeedsCompilation: no
Materials: README NEWS
In views: ReproducibleResearch
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Reference manual: DT.pdf
Vignettes: An Introduction to the DT Package
Package source: DT_0.7.tar.gz
Windows binaries: r-devel: DT_0.7.zip, r-release: DT_0.7.zip, r-oldrel: DT_0.7.zip
OS X binaries: r-release: DT_0.7.tgz, r-oldrel: DT_0.7.tgz
Old sources: DT archive

Reverse dependencies:

Reverse depends: frequency
Reverse imports: addinslist, ArchaeoPhases, arulesViz, baRcodeR, bdchecks, bdclean, bea.R, BEACH, BETS, bibliometrix, CaPO4Sim, cjoint, clustDRM, CNVScope, cocktailApp, codebook, convertr, CRANsearcher, cromwellDashboard, CUFF, dataMaid, datasets.load, ddpcr, desctable, dexter, dextergui, discoveR, DLMtool, dplyrAssist, dragon, eAnalytics, editData, enviGCMS, EpiSignalDetection, ExPanDaR, explor, explore, fingertipsR, fitteR, fitur, GenEst, genogeographer, GerminaR, ggquickeda, haploR, ICSShiny, IncucyteDRC, IOHanalyzer, jsmodule, linguisticsdown, machina, manifestoR, memapp, MetaAnalyser, MetaIntegrator, modelDown, oceanis, PELVIS, periscope, pkgnet, plethem, polmineR, predictoR, radiant.data, randomForestExplainer, rcrossref, regressoR, reverseR, Rilostat, RLumShiny, rmd, RobStatTM, RtutoR, safetyGraphics, sdcMicro, shinyHeatmaply, ShinyItemAnalysis, shinystan, strataG, subscreen, surveydata, teachingApps, toxEval, trackeRapp, UCSCXenaShiny, UCSCXenaTools, visvow, voronoiTreemap, wallace, wilson, wiseR, wppExplorer, yuimaGUI, zooimage
Reverse suggests: analysisPipelines, antaresRead, beanz, benchmarkme, benchmarkmeData, BIGL, BioInstaller, compareGroups, countfitteR, covr, decoder, dpcR, eemR, eq5d, esquisse, evaluator, expss, febr, fgeo, formattable, idem, ipumsr, merTools, mplot, nsrr, ParallelLogger, passport, phenocamr, plantecophys, qualvar, quanteda, rdbnomics, rddapp, rdflib, Rdrools, rfm, Rnightlights, rtimicropem, sigmajs, signalHsmm, snotelr, suddengains, testextra, TSstudio, unpivotr, valr, weco, XGR, xplorerr, xtractomatic


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