I-V Curves from External Solar Testing Laboratory

Alan J. Curran, Jean-Nicolas Jaubert, Jing Sun, Jennifer L. Braid, Roger H. French


Data Description

These 2 IV curves are from an external solar module testing facility. 2 full sized modules are featured, a standard poly silicon Aluminum Back-Surface Field (AL-BSF) module and a similar sized Passivated Emitter Rear Contact (PERC) mono silicon module. The PERC module has a clearly higher power per output per area compared to the Al-BSF module given the higher voltage and current output with a similar fill factor.

Load data and run code to extract IV features

## Warning: max number of iterations attained

## Warning: max number of iterations attained
##      step   Isc     Rsh    Voc   Rs     Pmp   Imp    Vmp    FF Cutoff
## y415    1 9.272 943.472 45.757 0.41 334.043 8.791 37.998 78.74     NA
##      step   Isc      Rsh   Voc    Rs     Pmp   Imp    Vmp    FF Cutoff
## y416    1 9.722 2389.473 47.48 0.385 366.784 9.272 39.559 79.46     NA

Example output

The result for finding steps for example data “IV_5M_1” and “IV_5M_2”, no changepoint identifying step is found.


Jennifer L. Braid et al., “EL and I-V Correlation for Degradation of PERC vs. Al-BSF Commercial Modules in Accelerated Exposures,” presented at the WCPEC-7, Waikoloa, HI, 2018.